Hi, I’m Thuy! I’m one of three research assistants on The Networking Project of Iowa, an anti-violence coalition to support agencies/programs serving communities of color, deaf/hard of hearing and LGBTQ. I’m also a thirty-something PhD student in Epidemiology and a liberal, Vietnamese-American, refugee, cis-woman (intersectionality for the win!). I’ve always been on the fence about activism but that went away as of Jan 20, 2017. Now isn’t the time to be wishy-washy, our rights are being attacked and it’s time to make change real. #resist #whyimarch #whywedoresearch


My name is Itzel and my biggest current project is learning balance. I’m a researcher, student, community activist, and I work doing violence prevention with high school youth. Beyond that, I am a passionate feminist, wishful traveler, and aspiring cat parent.